How Air Conditioning Works

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R+H Interiors Limited is a Swindon based air conditioning company with Daikin D1 Partner and approved installer status. We cover the South West Region and install air conditioning in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Newbury, Reading as well as Chippenham, Trowbridge, Oxford and Gloucestershire

Air Conditioning Explanation


Air conditioning is based on the precise control of temperature, humidity, air flow and air cleanliness. Split system air conditioners regulate these elements around the clock to provide you with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Day and night, year after year.

In summer, the heat pump extracts heat from the warm air in the building and pumps it outside. Your room stays comfortable and cool. In winter its the reverse. Natural heat in the outdoor air - even when its freezing - is extracted and moved indoors. Wonderful warmth when you need it.


Cooling Mode:


Excess room heat is absorbed by a special liquid - a refrigerant - sealed within the system. As the refrigerant in the indoor unit absorbs the room heat, it changes into a gas and is carried through small, copper tubes to an outdoor unit which releases heat into the atmosphere. The gas is converted into a liquid again and flows back to the indoor unit where air is fanned over it and out into the room. This cycle is repeated until the pre-set temperature is reached.


Heating Mode:


Heat pump units allow the cooling cycle to be reversed. A heat pump extracts "free" heat from the outdoor air, even on the coldest days when the temperature may fall as low as -10° C, and transfers the heat indoors. Heat pump units therefore avoid the need for a boiler and allow you to cool and heat with the same unit, with savings in costs and energy throughout the year.




Air conditioning is the process of treating the temperature, humidity, cleanness and distribution of the air. Air conditioners produce clean, healthy air. All indoor units are equipped with filters that take dust, pollen, smoke from the air. According to the needs of the customer the level of filtration can be increased. Filtration is critical for persons with allergies.




In cooling mode an air conditioner dehumidifies the air, creating a better feeling of wellbeing. Bear also in mind that a correct humidity level limits the growth of dust mites and molds, which again has a positive effect on persons with allergies. Human beings feel that 40 to 60 % is a comfort level of humidity. Also a correct humidity level ensures a longer lifetime of your appliances and house.




Ventilation can be integrated in the air conditioning system. It takes out the inside air and pushes in fresh, conditioned air from outside. In mid season, when the air conditioning is turned off, the ventilation can work independently. Our ventilation systems can also be installed without the air conditioning installation.


Effect on Your Health


Air conditioning is more than temperature control, on top it is humidity control, ventilation and filtration. Discover the positive effects of airconditioning on your health, feel better, more active and fit.


Increase Productivity


It’s a proven fact that there is a close correlation between a persons performance and the comfort of their immediate surroundings. Mental performance is shown to fall significantly when it is too hot and accidents are more likely to occur during extreme temperatures. A comfortable environment is shown to have a positive impact on personal working efficieny.


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