• Polar Vision Office Partitioning with full height Halo Door Frame
  • Frameless Dry Vertical Jointed System with Ghost Post Mullions
  • Polar Double Glazed Office Partitioning
  • Komfire 100 Office Partitioning – 100mm double skinned system
  • 600 Series Office Partitioning – aluminium 50mm framed system
  • Office Partitioning Integral Blinds
  • Komfire 75 Office Partitioning - 75mm square edge trim system
  • Klassic – radius edge veneered trim system
  • LS90 Office Partitioning
  • Komfire 75 Office Partitioning
  • Single glazed Polar Partitioning
  • LS90 Partitioning
  • 600 Series
  • Komfire 75 – 75mm Square Edge Partitioning
  • Graphics and Manifestation for Glass Partitioning
  • Storagewall
  • Vertical Blinds
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office interiors - mezzanine floors - design & build - racking and shelving - air conditioning

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