Mezzanine Floors & Raised Platforms

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Raised Platforms and Mezzanine Floors


Raised Storage Area's and Mezzanine Floors Enlarge Your Workspace

Storage areas and mezzanine floors can be applied in a variety of applications such as;

Retail Solutions:

Raised storage areas and mezzanine floors are increasingly being used for expanding the usable space within retail units, creating larger sales and display areas on various levels.

Storage and Production:

Raised storage areas can be used for freeing up valuable production space.

Warehouse and Distribution:

Raised storage areas are becoming more prevalent in warehouse and distribution centres, to optimise valuable space for general storage and to support automated material handling equipment.

Office Solutions:

Many commercial premises offer excessive, unused headroom which is un-productive and expensive to heat or cool. A mezzanine floor can transform this wasted space into productive office of storage space with minimal disruption and can allow a business to expand considerably within its existing premises. Intelligent design solutions and high standards of finish make floors suitable for any use from a simple storage area to a prestige office environment. RH designs, produces and installs mezzanine floors for a wide variety of applications from storage companies and manufacturers to distribution depots and retail floors. Each floor is designed specifically for the purpose to which it will be put and engineered taking into account site conditions, Building Regulations, safety and access. We have installed many floors so you can rest assured that we have the experience, expertise and capacity to handle any project from a small 20m2 deck to the most complex multi-tiered floor covering many tens of thousands of square metres.

In addition to the main floor structure, RH supply all the edge protection systems, staircases, and pallet gates that you will need to complete the floor.

All floors include:

  • Lightweight, economic steel structure
  • Bespoke design to meet precise customer requirements
  • Seamless integration within existing environment
  • Fast-track construction, with minimum disruption
  • High quality, powder coated ancillaries in a wide choice of colours


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