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Stormor Euro Shelving


Stormor Euro Shelving

Wherever there's a need for storage, there's a job for Stormor Euro shelving. From stand-alone single units to multi-level storage bays, Stormor Euro shelving is the single, simple-to-use, versatile solution.

Standard shelves will support loads of up to 200kg (440lbs) - and when even that's not enough, there's the option to specify heavy or extra heavy duty for the more demanding storage environment. Stormor Euro shelving features unique shelf support clips that simply slot into place giving firm support for even the heaviest loading requirements, yet allowing for quick and easy repositioning whenever required.

Modular in design for ease of assembly, Stormor Euro shelving offers almost limitless scope for the creation of customised storage facilities; and a wide range of accessories extends its capabilities still further.

For the automotive trade, it's an ideal solution to the problem of organised small parts storage. In workshops, schools, and throughout industry, Stormor Euro shelving provides a functional yet attractive system for all stores areas. Mobile and two-tier systems add greatly to the storage capability of retail outlets, hospitals and other space-sensitive locations.


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